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RIMPS is a web-based frontend, written in PHP, to make Apache an MP3 and Ogg server. It's complete with searching, individual song playing, and playlist creation. Think: a personal mp3.com of your own MP3s, plus playlists!

RIMPS 3 Beta 3 Available Sep 27, 2003

It's been a while, but beta 3 is finally here! There are many improvement with this release including:

  • ID3V2 support! (including tag editing)
  • Improved browsing by album
  • Ogg streaming/reencoding
  • LOTS of bug fixes

    Download it now and let us know what you think in the forums.

    Update by Ian

    RIMPS 3 Beta 2 Released Nov 14, 2002

    RIMPS will be 3 years old in a few more days. Let's celebrate by getting out RIMPS 3.0 on its 3rd birthday! Grab Beta 2, test, test, test, and send in some feedback!

    Update by Rodal

    How To Get RIMPS 3 Sep 13, 2002

    Q: We've been working on RIMPS 3 for awhile now and people are wondering "how can I get RIMPS 3 so I can play with the latest features?"

    A: With webcvs still broken, it's difficult to figure out. So here's the answer:

    • Follow the directions for checking-out RIMPS in the CVS section.
    • Then run: cvs update -rRIMPS_3-branch rimps
    • Have a lot of fun!

    Update by Rodal

    Edit your Oggs! Sep 8, 2002

    rpete checked his ogg editor code into cvs! You should check it out!

    Update by Rodal

    RIMPS 3 Beta 1 Available Sep 20, 2001

    Get it!
    Also, new screenshots of RIMPS 3 availble here

    Update by Rodal

    IRC Channel Aug 20, 2001

    Come chat about RIMPS in real-time! Find a local server on OpenProjects.Net. We're on #rimps

    Update by Rodal

    New Screenies! Mar 3, 2001

    Q: What's the point of these screenshots when we can just use the demo??
    A: Sometimes the demo breaks. That's the hard life we live here at Source Forge. And to prove it, well I couldn't even login properly to take the screenshots! So, there are no screens of playlist management, but you should be able to get an idea of the rest. RIMPS kicks ass ;)

    Update by Rodal

    Fixed Broken Links Mar 2, 2001

    And if that wasn't clear enough for you: I fixed the broken downloads link to the right. Stay tuned for tomorrow because we'll have some new screenies!

    Update by Rodal

    New Release! Sep 16

    RIMPS 1.0 is done. Go go it here!
    Be sure to check the new requirements.

    Update by Ian

    RIMPS Demo! Apr 18

    We now have a live demo so you can see what it's really like. Of course, you can't really play MP3s ;) To check it out, just click the Demo link on the RIMPS menu to the left. Enjoy.

    Update by Rob

    RIMPS Machine Mar 19

    If you haven't heard of the i-opener you really need to crawl out from under that rock and get one! They make great RIMPS boxes (among other things). Check out how to get Linux on them at Linux Hacker and i-opener linux. Great for the bathroom, kitchen, living room, ... ;)

    Update by Rob

    New release! Mar 19

    Fixed several problems with MySQL and the MP3 scanner. Check out the release notes in the download section.

    Update by Ian

    Downloads Active Jan 26

    Everything is back to normal. Thanks, dtype@sourceforge :)

    Update by Rob

    Missing Files Jan 24

    It seems some time over the weekend Source Forge had filesystem corruption which lost our updates. Even though much of the website is broke, you should be able to get rimps-0.05.tar.gz from our ftp site. As for everything else, I'll have that straightened out soon.

    Update by Rob

    New RIMPS! Jan 22 2000

    MySQL support added. Update databse via webpage. And other bug fixes.

    Update by Rob

    New Home Jan. 22 2000

    We have relocated to reap all the wonderful benefits SourceForge s kind enough to provide. We're still setting up around here, but we already have cvs, mailing lists, and forums setup. Stay tuned for a new release!

    Update by Rob

    Updates Dec. 20

  • Rewrote browsing
  • Database code cleanups
  • Multiple select for add/delete
  • Account management
    Get it here: rimps-0.04.tar.gz

    Update by Rob

    Table fix Dec. 1

    We were getting reports of songs being off by one. The problem was with the table script. It has now been corrected. You can dl the new table script, replace your current one, and start over, or you can dl the new package - rimps.0.03.tar.gz. If you already have RIMPS running, you can simply delete all in mp3data and drop mp3data_id. Then create a new mp3data_id sequence. This procedure should be described in the database doc.

    Update by Rob

    Update Nov. 25

  • Fixed searching
  • Moved search box up higher
  • Added docs to tarball

    Update by Rob

    News! Nov. 24

  • Fixing up the webpage
  • Ian has written some half-decent docs!
  • Working on getting mailing lists setup (damn holidays ;)

    Update by Rob

    RIMPS is released! Nov. 22

  • Just getting started around here, but here's the source: RIMPS-0.01
  • You need mp3db. However, I couldn't get to the site, so I have a copy here: mp3db-0_3_2.tar.gz. We had to hack it a little to get it to compile on a slackware 3.4 box. If you have some trouble you might want to try this patch: mp3db.diff

    Update by Rob